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Terrarium Accessories for Turtle

Terrarium Accessories for Turtle

In this category, accessories for a turtle terrarium have been collected, which are useful when arranging a new tank or upgrading an old one. Here you will find accessories for the steppe tortoise, leopard tortoise, Greek tortoise and other tortoises, as well as for aquatic tortoises

What accessories for the turtle?

The selection of appropriate accessories and equipment should primarily be selected based on the needs of the species we breed, but also the construction of the terrarium itself. Accessories and equipment are designed to ensure comfort for the animal, facilitate breeding for the owner and adequate protection of the tanks, e.g. against the escape of a reptile. In this category you will find terrarium accessories such as lampshades for heating bulbs, hideouts, branch holders, silicone bumpers for glass doors, sliding door wedges, heatpacks, ballasts, thermostats and other accessories for animal tanks.

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What terrarium equipment for a turtle?

In terrariums for turtles, it is important to maintain the right temperature, arrange basking spots, often also cold or humid zones. When choosing the right accessories, you should be guided by the size of the tank, the temperature that should prevail in specific zones, the reptile's lighting needs and access to water adapted to its needs.

If you are looking for a terrarium for a land tortoise have a look at terrariums for land tortoise, if you have decided to breed an amphibious species, take a look at terrariums for aquatic tortoise, which is adapted to the arrangement of a swimming pool suitable for a turtle.