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In this category you will find perlite for plants, which is a natural addition to the substrate. Thanks to its high porosity, it perfectly stores water, perfectly loosens the soil, thanks to which air is supplied to the deeper zones of the pot.

Perlite for Plants - an excellent addition to the soil mix

How to use perlite for which plants will it be suitable? Perlite is a sterile substrate of volcanic origin that does not rot or mold. Moisturized, it maintains an appropriate level of moisture, which slows down the drying process of the substrate, while not causing stagnation of water in the pot. In fact, it is suitable for growing virtually all plants. Can be part of a substrate mix and is great for hydroponics or for rooting.

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Rooting plants in perlite

Perlite creates excellent conditions for the development of the root system, both as a homogeneous substrate and in a mixture with soil. Rooting plants in perlite is extremely simple, you can use, for example, two plastic disposable cups. In one you need to make holes, the other serves as a stand. Place the seedling in the pre-soaked perlite in a cup with holes. Put the cup prepared in this way into another cup, which will prevent excess water from spilling out. We make sure that the substrate does not dry out too much by adding water from time to time. So if we plan to propagate the plant to seedlings, perlite will work great.