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Gecko Terrarium

Gecko Terrarium

In this category we have placed terrariums for breeding leopard geckos and crested geckos.

Geckos are quite easy to breed and that is why in this category you will find terrariums for the most popular species of geckos among beginner breeders, i.e. Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko. In addition, you can also keep less common species of lizards and small arboreal snakes in them.

Which terrarium for a gecko?

First of all, the Gecko Terrarium should be adapted to its lifestyle and size. Keep in mind that arboreal species will require vertical terrariums and desert species such as Leopard Geckos tend to prefer cages that are longer horizontally. It is worth choosing a terrarium made of a material that is easy to disinfect and clean, e.g. PVC. An aquarium for a gecko is not suitable because it has incorrect ventilation.

If your reptile belongs to the group of arboreal geckos, you can safely use the Crested Gecko Terrarium. If, on the other hand, your gecko is a desert gecko or a gecko that lives in dry terrain, then take a look at the Leopard Gecko Terrarium, which will be suitable for you. We offer Gecko terrariums in several sizes.

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Terrariums for geckos in this category are intended for small reptiles such as:

  •      Eublepharis leopard gecko
  •      Crested Gecko
  •      Crying Gecko
  •      Small arboreal snakes
  •      Species of smaller arboreal and desert reptiles

You can fit in it everything that a leopard and crested gecko needs

To achieve a natural-looking terrarium, your gecko should have elements such as natural substrate, rocks or plants in the case of a crested gecko in its terrarium. All this will give the gecko a sense that it is safe. This will have a positive effect on his health.

Terrarium geckos should be equipped with hiding places, plants, climbing branches and other elements of the landscape naturally occurring in their habitat. Here you will find everything a gecko may need to live in a terrarium.