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Helios - Polish manufacturer of heat bulbs for terrariums

Helios is a company specializing in the production of heat bulbs that are used in various applications, such as terrariums, aquariums, and animal breeding. Helios heat bulbs are known for their high quality and effectiveness in providing the necessary heat for animals and plants.

Polish manufacturer of Helios bulbs - Terrarium lighting

Helios Katowice brand It produces various types of terrarium and vivarium heating bulbs. Reflector bulbs for creating a heat island and soaking up reptiles are very popular. Also available in a diffused and focused light version.

An interesting solution are also black glass night basking lamps, which do not emit light, but only heat, which allows for heating in the night mode. The full choice of power ensures that the heat is properly adjusted to the given species of reptile and its requirements.

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Helios - Polish manufacturer of bulbs for terrarium lighting

Helios Katowice is a brand that produces heat bulbs for terrariums and vivariums of various types. The spotlight bulbs, which create a heat spot for reptiles to bask in, are particularly popular. They are available in both focused and diffused light versions.

Another interesting solution offered by Helios is the black glass bulbs that emit only heat without light, allowing for nighttime heating. The wide range of wattages ensures the proper adjustment of heat to the specific reptile species and their requirements.