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UV Lamps

UV Lamps

Lamps with UV rays for Reptiles. Full selection of power, lamp length, UVA and UVB intensity

UV lamps for the Tropical Terrarium

In this category you will find a large selection of UVB and UVA Lighting fixtures for specific species of reptiles. They are available in various versions with power from 8W to 54W and different intensity of UVB rays from 2% to 14%. Thanks to this, you can adjust Your Terrarium Lighting to the appropriate species of reptiles.

The most popular lamps are:

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Suitable UV Lamp for the Terrarium

A very popular UV lamp for terrarium is the Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit lamp. It is a ready lighting set for Reptiles with 3 wattages and lengths - 24W, 39W and 54W to choose from and 3 sizes of UVB radiation - 6%, 12% and 14%. Everything always with a T5 fluorescent lamp attached.

In addition, you will also find safety mech cages for UV lamps to protect the reptiles from burns.