Wholesale Offer for REPTILE SHOPS

Wholesaler for Reptile Shops Reptile Systems and other brands

We Prepared Wholesale offer for Stationary Shops and Online Stores in the zoological industry. We offer quality-selected products only and only from Trusted Brands.

In Our Offer you will find:

  •      Substrates for reptiles and other animals
  •      Foods and supplements for reptiles and fish
  •      Terrarium lighting and heating
  •      Thermostats and Controllers
  •      Breeding Containers
  •      IMCAGES PVC Reptile Cages
  •      Substrates for Plants
  •      Sphagnum moss
  •      and many more

We have prepared a Convenient Discount System for local animal shops ordering small quantities and large online stores.

Only Tested and Known Brands

We only sell Products Selected on the basis of their Quality. We want you to be sure that what you buy will be one of the highest quality.

Therefore, we gave up offering cheap Chinese goodies in exchange for Quality and Safety. Our customers know that we have checked offered products and we can confidently recommend them.

Discounts Suited to You

Discounts for Wholesale customers start from PLN 1,000 and never expire. They can only grow. You will receive a detailed table of discounts from us by e-mail. The rule "The more you buy from us, the better discounts you get" applies. Easy.

EU Shipping

We can easily ship products to all European Union Countries as well as Switzerland, Great Britain and Norway. We ship abroad within 2-3 days after payment. Our English-speaking customer service will also answer any questions, no matter where you are from.

Hassle Free Returns

We try to efficiently handle possible complaint returns of your customers because we know that trouble-free returns build Your Trust in the eyes of Your Customers.

Growing Offer

We are constantly expanding our range, looking for new producers worth attention. If your product is high quality one and You are looking for a distributor, write to us.

Get Wholesale Price List

Leave us your company details and we will send you the Wholesale Price List with instructions on what to do next.

Wholesale Offer