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Food For Shrimps

Food For Shrimps

We made sure to offer you the best quality foods for aquarium shrimps. Our offer includes foods of specialist brands such as the well-known Japanese company HIKARI.

Food for Aquarium Shrimps from the Top Shelf

Natural food for shrimps should also be enriched with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your Shrimps need.

Here you will find products such as:

  •      Food for Neocaridina Shrimps
  •      Food for Caridina Shrimps
  •      Food for Filter Shrimps
  •      Food for other shrimps such as Pinocchio or Amano Shrimp
  •      Food for Crabs and Crustaceans

The Best Shrimp Food will take care of the Shrimp itself as well as the Water

Regardless of what food shrimps eat, it is also important that the food does not affect the change in water parameters. This is especially important for Caridina shrimp. In addition, by using, for example, food for Red Cherry shrimps, we can be sure that we will achieve the best coloration of our shrimps.

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What Type of Food for Shrimp?

For Aquarium Shrimps, granulated food should be used, which will enrich the coloring of shrimps and ensure stable water parameters, e.g. PH and GH. You can use universal food or dedicated product lines for specific species.

Different aquarium shrimps absorb food in a similar way. They get it from the bottom or other surfaces, except for filter shrimp, which filter the water current. However, most highly colored shrimp will need a specialized food to support their coloration and reproductive behaviour.

Food for Freshwater Shrimps - Easy way to serve

Foods dedicated to shrimps and crustaceans are sinking foods. This makes it easy to apply them to a specific place. A very popular method of feeding shrimp among larger breeders is to place the food on a glass tray or container. Thanks to this, we have control over any uneaten food.

More freshwater fish foods can be found in the fish foods category on our store. We invite you to check out our offer.