Wholesale Offer for REPTILE BREEDERS

Professional Reptile, amphibian and insect Breeders need accessories they can rely on, which is why they look for the Best Quality products and Trusted Producers. Thanks to this, they can be calm about their animal collections.

Our company was founded by Mikołaj Iwanowicz, who is a breeder of Snakes, Turtles, Lizards, Varans, Caymans, centipedes, Cockroaches and other exotic animals. He brings many years of experience to our team thanks to which we understand the Needs and Concerns of Breeders.

That is why we have created a wholesale offer especially for Professional Reptile and exotic Animal Breeders to offer them products they need the most.

Only Tested Well Known Brands

We sell what we use by ourselves. We want You as a Breeder to be calm about the quality of the products.

Therefore, we gave up offering cheap Chinese goodies in exchange for quality and safety. Our customers know that we have checked the offered products and we can confidently recommend them.

Convenient Discount System

Discounts for Wholesale Customers starts from 1,000PLN and never expire. They can only grow. You will receive a detailed table of discounts from us by e-mail. The rule "The more you buy from us, the better discounts you get" applies. Easy.

EU Shipping

We can easily send products to all European Union countries as well as Switzerland, Great Britain and Norway. We ship abroad within 2-3 days from payment. Our English-speaking customer service will also answer any questions, no matter where you come from.

Trust of European Breeders

We constantly exchange knowledge with breeders from all over Poland and Europe who have trusted us. We collect opinions about products on the market, thanks to which we can offer you the highest possible quality.

When Time matters

How many times have you waited a long time for equipment when suddenly your animals multiplied and you had to react quickly. We know that issue. That's why we send the parcel as soon as possible - so that you can take care of your new pets in the shortest possible time. We send smaller Packages on the same day and pallets in 2-3 days.

Get Wholesale Price List

Leave us your company details and we will send you the Wholesale Price List with instructions on what to do next.

Wholesale Offer