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Active Substrate for Reptiles

Active Substrate for Reptiles

Active Substrate for Reptiles

In our reptile store, we present a unique category - "Active Substrate for Reptiles." Our substrates have been specially created to provide a comprehensive solution for reptile species that require interaction and the ability to shape their environment.

Key features of our active substrates:

Natural Ingredients: Our substrates are based on natural ingredients, providing reptiles with an environment similar to their natural habitat.

Encourages Digging: The special texture and composition allow reptiles to engage in natural digging behaviors, supporting their behavioral needs.

Easy Maintenance: The substrates are easy to keep clean, promoting hygienic living conditions for reptiles.

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Reference: PRBLOCK0550S

Brand: Reptiblock

REPTIBLOCK Bedding Coir Peat 600g 10L SMALL

Reptiblock Chips S - Pressed Coconut Fiber - Dust-proof coconut substrate for PREMIUM class terrariums   For reptiles and amphibians in the form of coconut chips. Perfect for Snake, Agama, Chameleon, Turtle, Hamster, Mouse, Gecko and other lizards and rodents, and as a substrate supplement for plantsPackage 600g - 10 L.Small size CHIPS - S gradation

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Provide your reptiles with optimal conditions, allowing them to exhibit natural behaviors in the terrarium with our unique "Active Substrate for Reptiles."