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Corn Substrate

Corn Substrate

In this category, we have collected corn substrates and other plant-fiber substrates that are popular in terrariums and are imported only from reliable producers. Plant fiber substrates are natural, sterile and ecological substrates that can be successfully used in the Terrarium for various reptiles, birds as well as rodents and other cage animals.

Corn substrate for the Terrarium for Reptiles

The corn substrate effectively binds odors, has a neutral smell and, most importantly, it is a safe substrate. Plant substrates from Chipsi are digestible, dust-free, do not irritate the eyes or lungs.

It is especially recommended to use corn terrarium substrate for animals that are prone to snacking on the substrate f.e. Bearded Dragon or Leopard Gecko. Please remember, however, that the use of digestible substrates does not relieve us from observing our reptile, because any substrate eaten in large quantities, even the digestible ones, can clog the digestive system.

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