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Sorted Bark

Sorted Bark

In this category you will find pine bark for plants, which is an excellent addition to the substrate. The offered sorted pine bark works great for plants and flowers that require loose and permeable substrates. Ideal for Orchids, Orchids, Monsteras, Philodendrons, Epipremnum, Dieffenbachia, Alocasia (Aloccasia), Hoya, Dischidia, Syngonium etc..

Pine bark sorted for plants

The substrate is sieved, which ensures cleanliness and prevents the development of undesirable fungi and bacteria. This keeps it fresh longer. The bark has absorbent properties and a slightly acidic pH. It loosens the mix and increases the permeability and oxygenation of the substrate, supports the development of stronger and thicker roots. The bark is in medium pieces, which in combination with the coconut chip creates ideal conditions for Aroids - check the substrate for Aroids.

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Garden Bark Sorted

Pine bark can also be used to mulch the soil under flowers, shrubs and trees in the garden. The mulch provides better plant development and more abundant flowering. The size of the bark in our offer is ideal for flowers and small shrubs. It is best to scatter the bark immediately after planting the plant, which will help protect it from weeds and water evaporation. To reduce the growth of weeds, agrotextile can be placed under the pine bark layer. It looks extremely aesthetic, and the problem of weeding is limited.