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Food For Koi Fish

Food For Koi Fish

In this category, you will find various types of food for Koi Fish, which are known for their unique beauty and colorful patterns. In our store, we offer a wide range of high-quality blends with different properties, such as promoting growth, enhancing coloration, and supporting overall fish health. You will discover premium food options for Koi Fish, including Kohaku, Taisho Sanke, Showa, Shusui, Asagi, Bekko, Utsurimono, Ogon, Yamabuki, Hariwake, Kujaku, Goshiki, Kumonryu, Kin Kikokuryu, Beni Kumonryu, and more.

What is the Best Food for Koi Fish?

Koi Fish are opportunistic feeders, which means they can consume a variety of food types. Their diet includes both plant-based food, such as aquatic plants and algae, as well as animal-based food, such as insects, worms, and insect larvae. They feed by sieving small food particles from the water or nibbling on vegetation from the bottom. Koi Fish have specific nutritional requirements and need a balanced diet that provides appropriate proportions of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Proper nutrition helps maintain their health, strengthen their immune system, improve skin condition, and intensify the colors of their patterns - check color enhancing food for Koi.

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HIKARI Goldfish Gold Baby - Food for Baby Koi, Goldfish

HIKARI Goldfish Gold Baby - Color-enhancing floating granules  for young goldfish and baby koi which, thanks to the carotene content, supports the color enhancer of fish. It's a balanced diet with vitamins ensures good health and adequate energy.For young fish such as:      veils,      crucian carp,      baby koi Quantity to choose from:      100g...

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HIKARI Goldfish Wheat Germ MINI - Food, Food for Goldfish

A highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for adult goldfish, juvenile koi and tropical fish. Developed through many years of breeding experience, this highly nutritious diet is extremely effective in cooler climates which experience a winter season. For such a fish as: Adult goldfish Young Koi carp Larger tropical fish...

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HIKARI Gold Medium - Floating Food for Koi Carp

Hikari Gold M is a floating granulated food. It is a complete diet for all types of Koi and larger goldfish that require a higher level of growth and color enhancement. It is a comprehensive feed blend for ornamental fish. For fish such as: Koi Carp Goldfish Available quantities: 500g 2kg 5kg 10kg

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Food for Koi Fish by Hikari

Koi Fish originate from Japan, which is considered the birthplace of breeding these beautiful fish. Hikari, a Japanese brand with a long tradition, has extensive experience in producing food for Koi. Hikari's expertise and passion in creating excellent blends for Koi  stems from their many decades of involvement in this field.

Hikari's food for Koi fish provides a complete diet and essential nutrients. The carefully prepared Hikari blends support the healthy development of Koi, strengthen their immune system, and enhance the beauty of their colors.

  • Hikari Wheat-Germ: Enriched with wheat germ, suitable for Koi during colder months.
  • Hikari Staple: A balanced staple food supporting healthy growth and color intensity.
  • Hikari Hi-Growth: Promotes rapid growth and good body mass gains.
  • Hikari Gold: Formulated to support skin condition, coloration, and overall health.
  • Hikari Silkworm Selects: Contains silkworm as an ingredient, promoting growth and the health of Koi Fish