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Food For The Fry
Fish Food for Fry-

Food For The Fry

In this category you will find Food for Fry of Scalar, Bettas, Guppies, Neon Tetra, Corydoras and many other young Fish. Food for fry in a wide selection, here you will find carefully formulated products that are specially tailored to the needs of growing fish, which provide the right nutrients and support their healthy growth and development.

What Food for Fry?

It is important that the food for the fry is easily digestible and contains a high content of protein, vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are necessary for the proper development and strengthening of the immune system of the fry. The food should also be properly shredded so that it is easily eaten by small fish - micro food for fry.

Hikari food for fry offered in our store provides complete nutrition for developing fish. Be sure to regularly monitor the condition and behavior of your fry to make dietary adjustments as needed.

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Reference: HIA 20095


Hikari First Bites 10g - Food for Fry

A floating food composed of specially selected ingredients that provide newborn fish with the necessary balance of nutrients that they require during the first days of life.Ideal food for:      fry Package weight:      10g

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Reference: HIA 22102


Hikari Fancy Guppy - Food for Guppies and Livebearers

A buoyant, protein rich granule that stays in the water column for many types of guppies & livebearers with the purpose of improving their breeding habits, habits, growth rates and coloration while helping support immune system health by providing unique ingredients they require. Ideal food for:      guppies       livebearers Package weight:...

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Food for Fry from Hikari

Hikari First Bites - This is a food in the form of a fine powder, created especially for very small fish, including fry. It ensures easy food intake by the fry and contains the nutrients necessary for proper development.

Hikari Micro Pellets - This is a food in the form of micro-pellets, which is ideal for small fish, including fry. It contains tiny balls that are easy for fry to eat and provide essential nutrients.

Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy - This food is specifically designed for guppy fry, which are a popular choice for beginner aquarists. Provides optimal nutrition for young guppies, supporting their healthy growth and vitality.

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby - This is a food for Siamese fighting fish (betta) fry. Provides the right nutrients to support their development and enhance the color and patterns of their beautiful fins.

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