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Food for Fish in Tablets

Food for Fish in Tablets

It is worth remembering that the nutritional preferences of individual fish can differ significantly from each other, the shape, color and aroma of the food is also important in this matter. Some fish take food from the surface of the water, others from the water column or from the bottom of the reservoir. In this category, we have collected various types of food in tablets for fish with different fractions and properties. Here you will find slow sinking food and sinking food for herbivorous fish as well as food for carnivorous fish.

Balanced Fish Food in Tablets

Most fish have movement-sensitive eyesight, so the way the food move in the water, adapted to the nutritional needs of the particular fish species, encourages them to feed and supports natural behavior. Food for Fish in Tablets is a disc-shaped granulate, intended mainly for fish feeding at the bottom of the tank, such as catfish, eels, blackfish and many other bottom fish. Sinking granules are an excellent alternative to live food, offering a high level of bioavailability, ensuring health and beautiful coloration. We offer various types and fractions of Hikari Fish Food in Discs/Tablets.

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Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets - Sinking Food for Carnivorous Bottom Feeders

A scientifically formulated, rapidly sinking pellet developed specifically for carnivorous fish who require higher usable protein levels. Absorbs water rapidly taking on a texture of a live fish. Great for any finicky eater too! Selectable grammage: 74 g 1 kg Food for:      carnivorous bottom fish

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HIKARI MINI Algae Wafers- Sinking Food for Plecostomus and bottom feeders.

Hikari  MINI Algae Wafers is a sinking food for all herbivorous fish feeding near the bottom in the form of 7 mm discs. Thanks to smaller size, it is perfect for smaller fish.For fish such as: Plecostomus  other algae eating bottom feeders. Quantity to choose from:      22g      85g      1 kg

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Hikari Massivore Delite - Sinking Food for Catfish, Eel Fish, Carnivorous Fish

Sinking granules with a scientifically blended nutrient mix specifically for larger carnivorous fish who tend to avoid feeding from the top of the aquarium. This highly flavorful diet offers excellent growth and desirable form while improving coloration too! Provides health and beautiful coloration.Food for:      catfish      sharks      polypterus,...

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Spirulina in Tablets for Fish

The Hikari brand has many types of fish food that contain spirulina, one of them is Hikari Algae Wafers, which are made specifically for herbivorous fish, such as, among others, catfish, algae eaters or otoski. Algae Wafers contain a high content of spirulina, which provides the right dose of protein and other nutrients that are needed for the proper growth and health of herbivorous fish. In addition, Hikari Algae Wafers are disc-shaped sinking food, which allows fish to take food from the bottom of the tank more easily and for longer, which can be beneficial for bottom-dwelling fish.

Highest Quality Fish food

Food for aquarium fish should be of the best quality, thanks to which your fish and other aquatic creatures will enjoy health and beautiful coloration. That is why we offer food only from proven producers who care about the impact of food on the health and condition of animals.

Foods from Hikari are products developed on the basis of experience, research and analysis of the senses of sight, smell and taste of a large population of fish.