IMCAGES Reptile Cages - Style in your Terrarium

Modern PVC Terrariums

The revolutionary technology of processing PVC with a hardened surface allows us to produce modern and stylish terrariums in several color versions.

Due to their strength and low weight, PVC Reptile Cages can be stacked on top of each other, creating larger Walls.

All our Cages are 100% Waterproof!

What does it mean ?

  •      You can wash your terrarium inside and out with a pressure washer!
  •      The terrarium does not absorb odors!
  •      Thanks to the smooth surface, you can clean organic contamination very easily. Just wipe it with a wet cloth!
  •      No more a soaked floor or a warping walls. Nothing will surprise you here!

Additional Equipment

Each Terrarium can be Equipped with Accessories such as heating mats and Infrared panels, LED lighting, UV lamps and Structural background, or a Temperature Controller. Custom-made Terrariums often go to the customer already equipped with additional accessories according to the customer's wishes.

Reinforced Material Technology

Thanks to the use of a special PVC material, foamed inside and hardened on the outer surfaces, we obtained a very Light Weight of the terrarium and at the same time Great Durability. Our impact tests confirmed this in practice.

Tempered Glass

All our Reptile Cages are equipped with tempered glass. Regardless of whether they are sliding doors or opened doors. Thanks to this, you can hold even the wildest Beast without fear ;)

Provide Luxury to Your Reptile

IMCAGES PVC Reptile Enclosures can be a decoration in your home by themselves.

Each Terrarium, regardless of the version, pleases the eye and looks great in the living room or office.

Tailor Made Reptile Cages

Check what we can do for you when it comes to unusual projects. We carry out timeless and demanding orders. Do you have an idea that nobody wants to implement? Take a look at our Custom Terrariums section and find out more.

Still Have Questions?

Write to us and we will try to answer to all of Your Doubts.

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