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Heating mats

Heating mats

If you are looking for a professional terrarium heating mat for reptiles in the field of herpetology, you are in the right place. Our heating mats are designed with the comfort and safety of your pets in mind. Choose the appropriate heating mat for your terrarium and provide your reptiles with optimal temperature, contributing to their well-being and health.

In this category, you will find high-quality terrarium heating mats, perfect for ensuring the right temperature for your reptiles in the terrarium. The terrarium heating mat warms from the bottom, with the heat rising upwards and heating the enclosure.

Electric Terrarium Heating Mats as a Source of Warmth

Our heating mats are available in various variants, such as a heating mat for snakes, a heating mat under the terrarium, and a heating mat for geckos, to meet the specific requirements of different reptile species.

Laminated heating mats are used to heat terrariums, vivariums, or plant seedlings. They emit a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, ensuring protection against burns or uncontrolled temperature increases.

These mats can be connected to thermostats and temperature controllers. You can find them in the Thermostats and Temperature Controllers category.

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Terrarium heating mat

If you're wondering which terrarium heating mat is suitable for your needs, we can assist you. Our range includes heating mats of various wattages, such as a 7W heating mat, a 10W heating mat, and a 20W heating mat, among others. This allows you to select a heating mat with the appropriate wattage, taking into account the specifics of your terrarium and the requirements of the reptiles inhabiting that environment.

Our terrarium heating mats are easy to install and provide safe and effective heating. You can place the heating mat underneath the terrarium or directly on the substrate, depending on your preferences and the needs of your reptiles.

You can find other accessories for terrarium heating in the Terrarium Heating section.

Terrarium Heating Mat with Thermostat

On the terrarium market you can also find something like a terrarium heating mat with a thermostat. It is an integrated heating device with a temperature controller. These types of devices do not have a temperature sensor that could measure the temperature in the terrarium, which is why these solutions are not recommended by our terrarium store.

Instead, it is better to use a separate heating mat and a separate thermostat with a temperature sensor.

Heating Mats for Terrarium Heating

It's important to note that heat rises, so heating mats should be mounted beneath the substrate or container. The only exception is when it's not possible to place the heating mat underneath or at the bottom of the terrarium. In that case, you can attach such a mat on top, although it will be less efficient, it should still provide some effect in a closed terrarium.

We also encourage you to explore our full range of terrarium heating mats. We offer a wide selection of heating mats specifically designed for reptiles, ensuring optimal thermal conditions for them.