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Heating mats
Heating Mat for Terrarium and Plants

Heating mats

Laminated heating mats are used to heat a terrarium, vivarium or plant seedlings. They emit a temperature of no more than 40 degrees Celsius, which guarantees protection against burns or uncontrolled temperature increases.

Electric Heating Mats for Terrariums as a source of heat

The mats can be connected to a thermostat or used independently. They come in different lengths and widths, so they can be perfectly matched to a terrarium or breeding containers. Heating mats can be attached with adhesive tape, pressed with a pot, or covered with soil, because they are splash-proof.

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Heating mat for seedlings

The heating mats are also suitable for seedlings. When we need to heat the substrate in the cultivation of thermophilic plants, it is enough to place such a mat under the pots or containers.

It should be remembered that the heat rises up, therefore the mats should be installed under the ground or under a breeding container. The exception is that it is not possible to place a heating mat under the terrarium or at the bottom. Then you can stick such a mat at the top, it will be less effective, but it should still work in a closed terrarium.

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