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Multichannel Controllers

Multichannel Controllers

In this category, you will find an excellent solution for terrarium owners who are seeking an advanced temperature control system. Our three-channel and two-channel thermostats for terrariums provide precise monitoring and regulation of temperature in three different zones, allowing for the creation of ideal conditions for various species inhabiting the terrarium.

Multi-Channel Terrarium Thermostat

The precise multi-channel thermostat for terrariums offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Each channel is independent, allowing for personalized temperature settings for individual areas of the terrarium or controlling the temperature in multiple tanks separately. This enables easy customization of living conditions for different species, providing them with an optimal environment and comfort.

Three-channel thermostats offer advanced features such as programmable temperature profiles, enabling automatic temperature adjustments throughout the day. You can set different temperatures for the morning, afternoon, and nighttime periods, simulating natural temperature and lighting changes. Additionally, some models have cyclic control functions that allow for season simulation, which is particularly important for species requiring hibernation or diapause periods.

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Precise Temperature and Humidity Control in Terrarium

Our three-channel terrarium thermostats are not only intelligent and technologically advanced but also user-friendly. They feature intuitive control panels and clear displays, allowing for quick and precise adjustments. The thermostats are also equipped with alarm functions that alert the user in case the temperature exceeds the set range.

An interesting product is the Controller with a dedicated humidity sensor channel. An example of such a solution is the Microclimate Evo Connected Pro.

By purchasing our multi-channel terrarium temperature controller, you can be confident that you are investing in an advanced solution that enables precise control over the living conditions for your exotic pets. Our specialists are ready to assist you and provide expert advice regarding the selection of the appropriate terrarium thermostat that meets your expectations.

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