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Tortoise Terrarium

Tortoise Terrarium

Terrarium for a turtle is one of the most important purchases before deciding to breed this reptile. In this category we have placed terrariums for the most frequently chosen species of turtles for home breeding. Here you will find a terrarium for turtles such as various species of tortoises, e.g. Greek tortoise, steppe tortoise, as well as semi-aquatic tortoises.

What terrarium for a turtle?

If you are looking for a terrarium for a land tortoise have a look at terrariums for land tortoise, if you have decided to breed an amphibious species, take a look at terrariums for aquatic tortoise, which is adapted to the arrangement of a swimming pool suitable for a turtle.

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Turtle terrariums in this category are intended for reptiles such as:

  •      Desert turtle
  •      Greek turtle
  •      Steppe turtle
  •      Leopard Turtle
  •      Other species of land turtles
  •      Amphibious turtle

Choose the right size of your turtle terrarium

The turtle terrarium should be above all spacious, they are very active animals who need a lot of walking. The bigger the turtle terrarium, the better. It should be remembered that young turtles grow quickly, it is worth choosing an "outgrown" terrarium that will last longer, thus reducing expenses. The material for the terrarium should be resistant to moisture and allow for cleaning and disinfection.

What does a turtle need in a terrarium?

  • Suitable substrate - Suitable substrates can be found here.
  • Heating lamp 40W or 60W - a lamp with a bulb that emits heat (so-called SLR), e.g. metal halide lamps, etc. discharge (HQI). Heating lamps can be found here.
  • UVB Lamp (UVB Fluorescent, Ordinary or Compact) - For tortoises, fluorescent lamps rated 5.0, 8.0 or 10.0 of the UV spectrum are recommended. UVB lamps can be found here.
  • Hideout - Let's remember that most turtles like to hide, they will use the hiding place, for example, as a place to sleep or simply hide in it during the day if they feel the need.
  • A plate or flat stone etc. for food.
  • A pool with water from which the turtle can get water or take a bath.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer - They will enable ongoing control of temperature and humidity in the terrarium.