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Reptile Systems - Terrarium lamps

Manufacturer of Accessories for Reptiles. The offer includes specialist UV lamps, Terrarium heating systems (terrarium thermoregulator), heating cables, LED lighting and Foods and Vitamins for Reptiles.

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We are the Official Distributor of the Reptile Systems brand in Poland.

Reptile Systems is a French brand that originates from the production of Professional Aquarium Lamps. With extensive experience and technical background, they entered the terrarist market, offering modern solutions for terrarists.

The offer of the Reptile Systems brand includes:

UV lamps

UV lamps t5 and t8

Light bulb holders and Terrarium shades

Ceramic Heat Emitters

Foods for Aquatic Turtles

Foods for tortoises such as steppe and Greek tortoises

Foods for Food Insects

Calcium and D3 vitamins of various weights

Heating Mats for Terrariums and Plants

Heating Cables


LED lighting for the Terrarium and Vivarium

In addition to the main range of Reptile Systems, which is Terrarium Lighting, the manufacturer offers UV Lamps for Birds.