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Heating - for Terrariums and for Plants -


Terrarium heating. Accessories for heating snakes, lizards, turtles and other tropical animals. Heating panels and mats, heat radiators, bulbs for reptiles.

Plants and Terrarium Heating.

The best way to heat the terrarium are classic basking lamps of various types or heating mats, which are placed under the substrate or the ground. They can also be placed under the terrarium. They are also used in plant breeding.

IR heating panels can also be used in terrariums and incubators. As a supplement to the Heating for Reptiles, we offer infrared heaters, both in the form of night bulbs and ceramic radiators.

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The Right Temperature for Your Reptile

Warmth that your Bearded Agama or Leopard Gecko Needs is crutial for health and vigour. Heating is essential for tropical species of both animals and plants. Each Reptile must have a temperature that is appropriate to its needs and natural habitats.

The temperature in the Terrarium is also good to control and keep under control. For this you need temperature controllers, i.e. modern thermostats and thermoregulators for the Terrarium. Thanks to them, you can guarantee stable thermal conditions for your reptiles.

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