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Bearded Dragons - The Best Choice for Enthusiasts of These Fascinating Reptiles

Welcome to our terrarium store dedicated to bearded dragon enthusiasts! Our "Bearded Dragons" category is the perfect place for lovers of these fascinating reptiles. We offer a wide range of products related to bearded dragons that will allow you to create perfect conditions for your pets. Here's what you'll find in this category:

Variety of Bearded Dragon Species

We offer various bearded dragon species, suitable for both beginners and experienced reptile keepers.

Terrariums and Accessories

You'll find both ready-made terrariums and accessories for creating custom environments for bearded dragons.

Food and Supplements

We provide high-quality food and dietary supplements to ensure your bearded dragons receive the right nutrition.

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Reference: PRBLOCK0550S

Brand: Reptiblock

REPTIBLOCK Bedding Coir Peat 600g 10L SMALL

Reptiblock Chips S - Pressed Coconut Fiber - Dust-proof coconut substrate for PREMIUM class terrariums   For reptiles and amphibians in the form of coconut chips. Perfect for Snake, Agama, Chameleon, Turtle, Hamster, Mouse, Gecko and other lizards and rodents, and as a substrate supplement for plantsPackage 600g - 10 L.Small size CHIPS - S gradation

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Maintenance Accessories

Our assortment includes tools and products for the care of bearded dragons, such as heaters, UVB lamps, and thermometers.

Decorations and Shelters

Beautify your bearded dragons' terrarium with various decorations and shelters to create a comfortable and attractive environment.

With our products, you'll be able to provide your bearded dragons with the right living conditions, contributing to their health and well-being. Explore the "Bearded Dragons" category and create the perfect environment for your fascinating pets.