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Here you will find terrarium and vivarium lighting to suit your every need. A wide range of lighting products allows you to meet even the difficult requirements of animal breeding.

Perfectly fit Terrarium Lighting

Our offer includes UV lamps for Agama, Snake or Turtle, T5 fluorescent lamps emitting UVB rays, reptile heating bulbs with a wide and narrow beam to create a heat island. In addition, we offer the popular Infrared bedside lamps with IR emission, i.e. infrared rays.

We supplement our offer with heat radiators, Terrarium shades, LED lighting for reptiles, Lighting sets for the most demanding snakes, geckos, turtles and rare species of animals.

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Lighting for all reptiles

Popular heating bulbs are 3in1 UVB bulbs for the tortoise. In addition, for snake breeders and popular species of lizards, we offer lamps from the Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit line of various lengths and different values of UV rays, so necessary for the proper and healthy functioning of reptiles.

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