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Many species of tropical animals require high humidity in a terrarium or vivarium. It is also necessary to provide water to plants that grow on the walls and in the ground. Sprinkling and fogging systems for the terrarium come to the rescue.

Misting System for the Terrarium.

The appropriate way to moisten the terrarium, vivarium and paludarium will be a properly selected misting system for the terrarium. It is a set consisting of a pump, a water tank and nozzles (so-called micro sprinklers) spraying or fogging to which water is supplied through appropriate pipes. The whole is controlled by the Automatic Controller, which is responsible for when and for how long the sprinkling will be started.

Thanks to such a misting system, we will be able to maintain proper humidity in breeding animals such as arboreal frogs, geckos, chameleons, or arboreal snakes or lizards. This system will also work great in vivariums with a water tank and heavily planted plants. Thanks to properly placed misting nozzles, the entire terrarium will be properly moistened.

In the Sprinkler Kits category, we have placed all ready-made kits for self-assembly. On the other hand, all accessories, such as elements needed to expand the terrarium misting system, have been placed in the Fittings and Sprinkling Pipes Department firms MistKing.

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Terrarium Misting that will Provide Moisture

The Terrarium fogging system will fulfill several functions. Firstly, it will act as a terrarium humidifier to supplement the ongoing evaporation of the terrarium. Secondly, it will water our plants, especially those planted on the walls of the vivarium, which are so hard to water manually. In addition, we gain time, because the humidification and sprinkling systems for the terrarium are automatic. All you need to do is refill the reservoir with water from time to time.

How to make a sprinkler for the Terrarium?

To mist the terrarium, it is best to use misting nozzles for the terrarium connected to the pump and the water tank. The whole thing should be connected to the controller that will control the system automatically. All accessories can be found in our IMCAGES Terraristic Store in the spraying and fogging section

How to humidify the terrarium?

To humidify the terrarium, you can use classic methods such as spraying the inside of the terrarium with a hand sprayer, placing a water tank inside the terrarium or using an automatic misting system to control the humidity in your terrarium.

What to do to increase the humidity in the terrarium?

If you want to increase the humidity in the terrarium, you can install a misting or sprinkling system connected to an automatic controller. If you already have such a system, increase the fogging time or frequency on the controller.