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Exotic Hobby - Polish substrates for terrariums

A Polish company specializing in the production of high-quality substrates dedicated to reptiles. Their substrates have been developed to provide suitable breeding conditions and maintenance for various reptile species. Exotic Hobby prioritizes the quality of their products, ensuring the safety of the animals and meeting their natural requirements. The substrates are easy to use and maintain, facilitating the daily care of reptiles.

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Exotic Hobby - Bioactive Bedding for Terrarium

In our offer you will find bioactive, i.e. biologically active, substrates for crested gecko, soil for spiders, substrate for a snail and a universal bioactive bedding for vivarium or terrarium with plants.

All products are suited to the specific requirements of exotic animals, so we can be sure that the creatures will feel good and stay healthy. This is a guarantee of successful breeding of spiders, ciliated geckos, snails and all other terrarium species.