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Welcome to our terrarium store, dedicated to enthusiasts of amphibian keeping. Our offering provides comprehensive solutions to ensure the well-being of your amphibians. Here's what you'll find in our "Amphibians" category:

Terrariums for Amphibians

We offer various sizes and configurations of terrariums, perfectly tailored to the needs of your amphibians. Each terrarium is carefully designed to provide space for swimming, jumping, and resting.

Lighting and Heating

Provide proper lighting and heat sources for your amphibians. Our products deliver the necessary UVB light and warmth.

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Reference: PRBLOCK0550L

Brand: Reptiblock

REPTIBLOCK Bedding Coconut Chips 550g 10L THICK

Reptiblock Chips L - Pressed Coconut Fiber - Dust-proof coconut substrate for PREMIUM class terrariums   For reptiles and amphibians in the form of coconut chips. Perfect for Snake, Agama, Chameleon, Turtle, Hamster, Mouse, Gecko and other lizards and rodents, and as a substrate supplement for plantsPackage: 550g - 10 L.Breederblock - 6 / 12mm THICK Chips

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Substrates and Bedding

Choose the right base for your amphibian terrarium. Our substrates and bedding will help maintain proper humidity and provide suitable conditions for digging.

Accessories and Equipment

Discover a wide range of accessories, such as hideaways, plants, and bowls, to ensure the comfort and shelter of your amphibians.

Health and Nutrition

Care for the health of your amphibians with our specialized care products and proper nutrition.

Our "Amphibians" category is an excellent source of products and knowledge for enthusiasts of these fascinating creatures. We guarantee that your terrarium for amphibians will meet all their needs and contribute to maintaining a healthy and happy life.