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BraPlast Breeding Containers

BraPlast Breeding Containers

Braplast Breeding Box Breeding Containers for breeding and transporting reptiles, spiders, amphibians, insects and many other animals. The containers are available with a flap for easy access to the animal.

Braplast breeding containers for breeding and transporting animals

BraPlast boxes are widely used by animal breeders. they are perfect for breeding insects, arthropods and transporting reptiles and amphibians. The containers fit perfectly into IMCages reptile displays - check out reptile displays

You can choose from white, black or transparent containers.

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BraPlast Breeding Containers

The most popular use of plastic boxes is transporting reptiles from markets or breeding geckos, small snakes or spiders. A box for a spider, gecko, snail, centipede or other insects is available in various sizes. Thanks to this, we can match them perfectly to the species. Breeding Boxes are also ideal as a temporary replacement breeding container for very young snakes that grow relatively quickly but their target terrarium is much too large for them to start with.

Breeding Boxes are also often used at trade fairs as display containers. Braplast Cultivation Containers are compatible with the Reptile Display of our IMCAGES brand