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BraPlast Breeding Containers
Braplast Breeding Containers | Plastic Transportation Boxes

BraPlast Breeding Containers

Braplast Breeding Boxes or breeding containers for reptiles, spiders, amphibians, insects and many other animals. Containers are available with or without ventilation and wiith a flap for easy animals removal.

Braplast breeding containers for breeding and transporting animals

BraPlast boxes are widely used among livestock farmers. They come in several colors, e.g. white, black or transparent.

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The most popular use of plastic boxes is to transport reptiles from markets or to breed geckos, small snakes and spiders. A box for a spider, gecko, snail or insect is available in different sizes. So we can match them perfectly to the species.

Breeding Boxes are also often used at trade fairs as display containers. Braplast Cultivation Containers are compatible with the Reptile Display of our IMCAGES brand

Braplast containers can be filled with any substrate, e.g. lignocel or coconut fiber.

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