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Terrarium for Dragon

Terrarium for Dragon

In this category, we have placed terrariums for bearded agama, water agama and pogoma henrylawsomi agama. Agamas are more and more popular reptiles in breeding, which are often found in wonderful colors.

What terrarium for Agama?

The agamidae family includes over 350 species that have adapted to life in a variety of environments, from deserts and steppes through tropical rainforests to human settlements. Some species live permanently on the ground, others in the branches of trees. Some lead an amphibious lifestyle, and are excellent swimmers and divers. The terrarium should be adapted to best reproduce the conditions in the natural environment of our agama.

Material for the terrarium should be resistant to moisture and allow for keeping clean as well as easy and effective disinfection. The Dragon Lizards terrarium needs to be kept clean to avoid respiratory infections, parasites and more. A waterproof PVC terrarium that does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and has no pores, which does not create a friendly environment for fungi and mites, will be perfect.

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What dimensions should an Agama terrarium have?

They have well-developed limbs and a long tail. The total length of various agamids ranges from 4 cm (Pogona microlepidota) to over 1 m (Hydrosaurus amboinensis). However, the bearded agama is the most common in breeding, the water agama and the pogoma henrylawsomi agama are also becoming more and more popular. The dimensions and arrangement of the agama terrarium should depend on the size of our species and its needs. For most farmed species, the larger the terrarium, the better. In its terrarium, the agama needs to be able to move freely, as joint diseases and abnormal development may occur. Very often the Agama terrarium needs to be divided into a hot and cold zone, so that the lizard can heat up or cool down at any time.