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Food For Algae Eater

Food For Algae Eater

This category includes various types of Food for Algae Eaters, i.e. Catfish, popular in freshwater aquariums. The foods for Hikari fish offered in our store are balanced and adapted to the nutritional preferences of algae eaters, and also help maintain a healthy stomach and digestive system of fish and ensure optimal growth and condition.

What Food for Algae Eaters?

Specialist food for algae eaters should be adapted to the nutritional preferences and mouths of these fish. The algae eater collects food at the bottom of the tank, the granulate should be quite hard and not dissolve too quickly so that the fish can use the so-called. graters in their mouths, which keeps the fish in good condition. In our store you will find vegetable granules that sink quickly in the form of hard discs (or so-called tablets), of the right size and density so that fish can easily pick up and consume them. The form of granules in the form of tablets for algae eaters can help control the amount of food consumed and minimize the risk of its disintegration in water.

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HIKARI MINI Algae Wafers- Sinking Food for Plecostomus and bottom feeders.

Hikari  MINI Algae Wafers is a sinking food for all herbivorous fish feeding near the bottom in the form of 7 mm discs. Thanks to smaller size, it is perfect for smaller fish.For fish such as: Plecostomus  other algae eating bottom feeders. Quantity to choose from:      22g      85g      1 kg

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Hikari Massivore Delite - Sinking Food for Catfish, Eel Fish, Carnivorous Fish

Sinking granules with a scientifically blended nutrient mix specifically for larger carnivorous fish who tend to avoid feeding from the top of the aquarium. This highly flavorful diet offers excellent growth and desirable form while improving coloration too! Provides health and beautiful coloration.Food for:      catfish      sharks      polypterus,...

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Food for Catfish by Hikari

Discover Granules specially composed for Algae Eaters

Hikari Algae Wafers - Contains nutrients that help maintain a healthy stomach and digestive system of fish and ensure optimal growth and condition.

Hikari Sinking Wafers - Granules for silverfish and more, which quickly sink to the bottom of the aquarium, which makes it easy to provide food to those species that prefer bottom feeding. It contains the right amount of fiber to support digestion and the nutrients necessary to maintain the healthy growth and vitality of fish.

Hikari Mini Algae Wafers - This is a miniaturized version of Hikari Algae Wafers, adapted to smaller fish. It contains the nutrients needed for the proper development and health of these fish, and also supports their natural feeding behavior for plant food.