Wholesale Offer - Terraristics, Aquarium Care, Plant Substrates

We are wholesaler of products from the Terraristic, Aquaristic, and Plant Care industries. We only provide carefully selected products from trusted manufacturers. We have also prepared a convenient discount system based on the order amount.

In Our Offer You Will Find

  • Substrates for reptiles and other animals
  • Food and supplements for reptiles and fish
  • Terrarium lighting and heating
  • Aquarium equipment
  • Thermostats and controllers
  • Breeding containers
  • IMCAGES PVC terrariums
  • Plant substrates
  • Sphagnum moss
  • And much more.

Offer for Shops

If You run a stationary or online store and would like to sell our products, please check out our tailored offer for You.

Offer for Breeders

If You are involved in the breeding of reptiles, fish, or plants, please take a look at our specially prepared offer for You.

List of pages in Wholesale Offer: