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Fluorescent UVB lamps
UVB Fluorescent Tubes for Terrarium -

Fluorescent UVB lamps

In our offer, you will find high-quality UV fluorescent tubes for terrariums, which are an irreplaceable source of UV radiation for your reptiles.

Appropriate UV Fluorescent Tubes for Your Terrarium.

These specially designed tubes emit UVB radiation of varying intensity, providing UVB values in the range of:

  • 2.4% in ZONE 1,
  • 6% and 7% in ZONE 2,
  • 12% in ZONE 3,
  • up to 14% and 15% in ZONE 4.

These designations may vary depending on the manufacturer, but they all refer to the magnitude of the emitted UVB radiation. This magnitude should be chosen according to the species of animals. Generally, the rule is that the more sunlight an animal receives in its natural habitat, the higher the UVB value should be applied.

Therefore, nocturnal species often do not require any or very minimal UVB radiation, while desert species, for example, may require 14% or 15% UVB. You can find more information on this topic in our guides.

Our UV fluorescent tubes for terrariums are available in different wattages, ranging from 8W to 54W, allowing you to adjust them to the size, height of the terrarium, and the needs of your reptile. The higher the wattage of the tube, the higher it can be mounted.

UVB radiation is extremely important for the health of reptiles as it enables them to synthesize vitamin D3, which is essential for proper calcium metabolism. Appropriate UVB values in the terrarium are crucial for maintaining healthy bones and the proper functioning of your reptiles' immune system.

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High-quality UV fluorescent tubes thanks to trusted manufacturers

Our UV fluorescent tubes for terrariums meet the highest quality standards, providing not only optimal UVB values but also long lifespan. You can be confident that your reptilian companions will receive the proper dose of UV radiation necessary for their health and well-being.

It's also worth noting that in addition to UV fluorescent tubes, comprehensive lighting and equipment for the terrarium are essential. In our offer, you will also find Ready-to-Use Lamp Kits with UV fluorescent tubes, which will help you create optimal lighting conditions for your reptiles.

Ensure your reptiles receive the necessary UVB radiation values with our high-quality UV fluorescent tubes for terrariums. Adjust the wattage of the tubes according to the size of your terrarium and the needs of your reptiles. Remember that taking a comprehensive approach to terrarium lighting is key to providing a healthy and nurturing environment for your pets.

To learn more about our UV fluorescent tubes and other lighting products for terrariums, please visit the "terrarium lighting" category on our website.

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