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In this category, we have collected our offer of terrariums, where you will find plastic waterproof terrariums made of foamed PVC with a hardened surface. PVC terrariums are easy to clean and disinfect, the material does not have pores in which mites, fungi and molds could develop, it does not absorb moisture. Here you will also find terrarium sets with basic equipment at affordable prices.

Reptile terrarium

Ready terrariums by IMCAGES can be washed with a karcher. Equipped with tempered glass and LED lighting. They are very durable and at the same time light and strong. Their modern design and functionality make them very popular among reptile breeders. Thanks to the properties of the material, such as e.g. ease of disinfection, they are also used in veterinary medicine.

You will find Terraria for the Ball Python, Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Tortoise, and other most popular species.

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All PVC Reptile Cages produced by IMCAGES are of the highest quality

Each model of Terrarium PVC is selected according to the needs of a given species, while paying attention to high quality and details of the finish.

Our Terrariums are meant to providing your animal with the best conditions in addition to please the eye and be an elegant element of the decor of your living room or room with reptiles.

We are constantly expanding our offer and trying new solutions. That is why our products evolve with us and follow the latest trends.