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Food For Loaches

Food For Loaches

In this category, you will find food for Loaches, which is also suitable for other carnivorous fish. Loaches are predatory fish with specific dietary requirements. Their diet should primarily consist of animal-based food such as meat, fish, crustaceans, and insect larvae. It is important to provide them with an adequate amount of protein, which is essential for proper growth and functioning.

What Food for Loaches?

Hikari foods dedicated to Loaches have been carefully developed to meet their specific nutritional needs. They offer a high content of animal protein, essential nutrients for healthy development, and additional substances that support the immune system. Hikari foods are also easily digestible and well-absorbed, which helps prevent digestive issues.

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Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets - Sinking Food for Carnivorous Bottom Feeders

A scientifically formulated, rapidly sinking pellet developed specifically for carnivorous fish who require higher usable protein levels. Absorbs water rapidly taking on a texture of a live fish. Great for any finicky eater too! Selectable grammage: 74 g 1 kg Food for:      carnivorous bottom fish

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Hikari Massivore Delite - Sinking Food for Catfish, Eel Fish, Carnivorous Fish

Sinking granules with a scientifically blended nutrient mix specifically for larger carnivorous fish who tend to avoid feeding from the top of the aquarium. This highly flavorful diet offers excellent growth and desirable form while improving coloration too! Provides health and beautiful coloration.Food for:      catfish      sharks      polypterus,...

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Hikari Catfish Food

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These foods are suitable for catfish and other carnivorous fish, such as eels and dwarf sharks.