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IMCAGES Terrarystyka Shop - Terrarystyka Online. We offer Accessories for Reptiles. Products for snake, turtle, agama, gecko, spider.

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In our offer you will find Popular Specialized Substrates, Coconut Fiber, Food, Lighting, Heating, Terrarium Decor and other useful terrarium accessories from proven producers.

We also manufacture Waterproof PVC Terraria by IMCAGES.

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Reference: PRBLOCK002

Brand: Reptiblock

REPTIBLOCK Bedding Coir Peat 4,5KG 70L SMALL

Reptiblock S - PREMIUM class Dust-free substrate in the form of coconut chips for terrarium - Pressed Fiber from CoconutCoconut substrate for reptiles and amphibians. Perfect for Snake, Agama, Chameleon, Turtle, Hamster, Mouse, Gecko and other lizards and rodents, and as a substrate supplement for plants4.5 kg - 70LFine Chips - Gradation S.

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