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Microclimate - Microclimates for terrariums

Microclimate offers technologically advanced controllers, temperature control systems, and climate control systems for reptiles, amphibians, and other creatures. Our product range includes EVO LITE, Ministat, dimmer B1, and Pulse B2.

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Controller, Thermostat and Microclimate Thermoregulator

The manufacturer's offer includes modern and functional Microclimate EVO or EVO LITE thermostats as well as more advanced 2-channel EVO Connected 2 and 3-channel EVO Connected 3 thermostats.

Thanks to its advanced functions, temperature control in a terrarium or vivarium has never been easier. Additionally, they can be used as terrarium lighting controllers. You can connect to them a heating mat or a heating bulb to serve as a temperature thermoregulator for Reptiles and plants

The modern design allows you to enjoy the elegant look.