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Terrarium Accessories for Snake

Terrarium Accessories for Snake

Snakes are one of the most popular reptiles among terrarists. In this category we have placed snake terrarium accessories useful when arranging a new tank or upgrading an old one. Here you will find terrarium accessories for both arboreal and proper snakes.

Terrarium equipment for a snake - how to choose them?

The selection of appropriate accessories and equipment should primarily be selected based on the needs of the species we breed, but also the construction of the terrarium itself. Accessories and equipment are designed to ensure comfort for the animal, facilitate breeding for the owner and adequate protection of the tanks, e.g. against the escape of a reptile. In this category you will find accessories such as bar holders, handles for branches, silicone bumpers for glass doors, wedges for sliding doors, heatpacks, ballasts, holders for heating bulbs, thermostats and other accessories for animal tanks.

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Accessories for the snake

Accessories should be selected based on the needs of the species we breed, however, it should be remembered that regardless of the type of snake we choose, we will need the right substrate, heating, and often also appropriate lighting.