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Bioactive Substrate

Bioactive Substrate

In this category you will find active substrate for terrarium, vivarium, paludarium. An active substrate is a substrate containing organic matter, minerals and sometimes microorganisms that allow the self-cleaning process of the mixture to take place (if the bioactive substrate does not contain microorganisms, it means that the substrate is prepared for the addition of cleaning fauna separately). Other names you may encounter are bioactive substrate, bio-substrate or biologically active substrate.

Active Substrate for the Terrarium

The biologically active soil is perfect for all reptiles, amphibians and insects, especially those that like to be in a terrarium with plants, as well as for a vivarium or paludarium. The microorganisms contained in the mixture clean the soil, the bio-substrate also nourishes the plants well. In our offer you will find ready-made universal bioactive soil for vivariums and terrariums, bioactive soil for spidersbioactive substrate for snails and bioactive substrate for crested geckos.

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Arcadia Bio Revitaliser 3,5kg - Organic, Conditioning Soil for Terrarium, Vivarium

Arcadia Bio Revitaliser is a completely organic soil conditioner based on volcanic soil and nutrient-rich earthworm droppings. Ensures rapid plant growth.Package weight: 3.5 kgPerfect for:      terrariums for amphibians      terrariums for reptiles (jumpers, frogs, etc.)      insect terrariums      vivaria

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Active Substrate for Vivarium and Paludarium

Biologically active soil for plants perfectly retains moisture, nourishes plants and supports their beautiful, healthy growth. Depending on the soil requirements of the plants grown by us, it can be used as an independent substrate or as part of a mixture.