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Accessories for the Crested Gecko

Accessories for the Crested Gecko

In this category, we have placed accessories for breeding crested geckos, which will also be used in terrariums for leopard geckos, weeping geckos and many other lizards and even snakes.

What terrarium accessories for the Crested Gecko?

Due to the fact that these reptiles lead an arboreal lifestyle, it is good to place branches, live plants or poles in the terrarium, on which your gecko will be able to move and hide in them. In this category you will find accessories for crested gecko such as basking spot kits, lampshades for heating lamps for crested geckos, hidieouts for geckos, thermostats and heating mats for geckos, appropriate lighting, door stoppers and many others.

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What the Crested Gecko need in Terrarium

Terrarium Geckos should be equipped with hiding places, plants, climbing branches and other elements of the landscape naturally occurring in their habitat.

To get a natural look of the terrarium, the gecko should have elements such as natural or artificial plants, a Substrate preferably made of coconut fiber or similar, a night heating lamp or a heating mat.

It is good to equip the terrarium with a UV lamp designed for these animal species.

All this will give the gecko a sense that it is safe. This will have a positive effect on his health.