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Terrarium for Stick Insects

Terrarium for Stick Insects

Stick insects are easy to breed and undemanding representatives of the order of phasmids, which are often recommended to novice breeders. In this category, we have placed plastic terrariums for stick insects, in which you can successfully breed horned stick insects, Vietnamese stick insects, Indian stick insects, winged stick insects, Peruvian stick insects, Gallic stick insects or phasma gigas, phasmids, praying mantises and others.

Plastic stick insect terrarium

What's the best way to keep stick sticks? The plastic terrarium does not absorb moisture, it is easy to wash and disinfect, which prevents the development of mold and the accumulation of mites inside. Microbes and fungi can be dangerous to stick insects. Durable and, above all, light, handy plastic terrariums can be easily modified, stacked on top of each other and transported without fear of breakage.

How big should a stick insect terrarium be?

The most important dimension of the stick insect terrarium is its height, which should be at least twice the length of the stick insect without front legs, even three times is recommended. This will ensure that they will be able to molt properly without any damage to their health. Females grow up to about 10 cm in length and live about one year, males grow up to 7 cm. Other dimensions depend on the number of insects per tank. A 35x35x30cm terrarium is recommended for 3-4 adult stick insects. For each subsequent stick insect, you need to add at least 1 liter of capacity.