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Terrarium for Steppe Tortoise

Terrarium for Steppe Tortoise

It should be remembered that although the steppe turtle is becoming an increasingly popular pet, it is quite demanding and delicate. The steppe turtle terrarium should enable the best possible reproduction of the natural conditions in which this animal lives. In addition, it should be made of a material resistant to moisture and allow for cleanliness and easy disinfection. The ideal material is a waterproof PVC terrarium that does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and is pore-free, which does not create a friendly environment for fungi and mites. Here you will find a PVC tortoise terrarium, which can also be successfully used to breed species such as Greek tortoise, leopard tortoise, desert tortoise and other land tortoises.

What terrarium for steppe turtle?

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Suitable size for steppe turtle terrarium

The steppe turtle should have a spacious terrarium above all, they are very active animals that need a lot of walking. The bigger the turtle terrarium, the better. It should be remembered that young turtles grow quickly, it is worth choosing an "outgrown" terrarium that will last longer, thus reducing expenses. The minimum dimensions of the tank for one adult specimen should be 100x60x50 cm. The material for the terrarium should be resistant to moisture and allow for cleaning and disinfection. An aquarium for a steppe turtle may seem like a good idea, but unfortunately it is heavy and highly susceptible to breakage, and it is difficult to find a sufficiently large size.

The temperature in the terrarium for steppe turtle

These turtles live in the barren, dry, rocky and grassy areas of the Central Asian steppes. On the other hand, in the burrows where they sleep, overwinter and rest, there is relatively high humidity. The right temperature in the steppe turtle terrarium is an important element that strongly affects the animal's well-being. During the day turtles need 20-30°C, under the radiator no more than 35°C, while at night the temperature should be kept around 18-20°C. If you are looking for a heat emitter, check here heat emitter for steppe turtle terrarium.

Substrate for steppe turtle

Turtles should be provided with a sufficiently thick layer of substrate in which they can bury themselves according to their own needs. As a substrate for steppe turtle, it is best to use a mixture that imitates natural steppe soil. Part of the tank can be filled with a mixture of gravel, sand and dry soil, in the other part you can arrange a grassy part using natural turf with roots of grasses and other plants. A suitable substrate can be found here steppe tortoise bedding.

What should a steppe turtle terrarium with equipment contain?

  • Suitable Substrate
  • Heating lamp 40W or 60W - a lamp with a bulb that emits heat (so-called SLR), e.g. metal halide lamps, etc. discharge (HQI). Heating bulb for steppe tortoise.
  • UVB lamp (UVB tube, regular or compact) - For tortoises, fluorescent lamps rated 5.0, 8.0 or 10.0 of the UV spectrum are recommended. UVB bulb for steppe tortoise.
  • Hideout - Let's remember that most turtles like to hide, they will use the hiding place, for example, as a place to sleep or simply hide in it during the day if they feel the need.
  • A plate or flat stone etc. for food.
  • A pool with water from which the turtle can get water or take a bath.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer - They will enable ongoing control of temperature and humidity in the terrarium.