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Terrarium for Mourning Gecko

Terrarium for Mourning Gecko

In this category you will find the Terrarium for the Mourning Gecko, which is a small lizard that is active around whole day. In thede terrariums, you can also keep less common species of climbing lizards and small arboreal snakes. Mourning Geckos love to climb, so the best solution is to use a vertical (high) terrarium.

Which terrarium for the Crying Gecko (Lepidodactylus lugubris)?

To ensure free climbing for lizards, it is worth lining all the walls of the terrarium with cork (corks that are ideal for lining the terrarium) and plant the terrarium with plants. Elements such as roots will give the terrarium a more interesting look and provide geckos with additional attraction. The optimal dimensions for two individuals are 30/30/40 cm, the larger they are, the more comfortable they will feel.

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What should a weeping gecko terrarium with accessories contain?

  •      Hideout - It is important that the weeping gecko has at least several hiding places. Bamboo or PVC tubes are great as hiding places and places to lay eggs.
  •      Elements for climbing - terrarium walls lined with cork or bark, roots, plants
  •      Water pool
  •      Hygrometer - humidity in the terrarium should be kept at 60-80%, which is associated with daily sprinkling.