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Terrarium for Green Python

Terrarium for Green Python

In this category you will find waterproof, PVC terrariums for the Green Python, which will work equally well for many other species of arboreal snakes such as morelia spilota (carpet python), forest boa, spilotes (spiral snake) and corallus caninus (emarald tree boa).

Which terrarium for a Green Python?

Due to the fact that these reptiles lead an arboreal lifestyle, the terrarium for the python should be higher than it is wide, i.e. in a vertical arrangement. It is also good to put branches, live plants and a horizontal pole in it, on which the snake will be able to move and hide in them. Material for the terrarium should be resistant to moisture and allow for keeping clean as well as easy and effective disinfection. The Green Python terrarium needs to be kept clean to avoid respiratory infections, parasites and more. The ideal solution is a waterproof PVC terrarium that does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and is pore-free, which does not create a friendly environment for fungi and mites.

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Green Tree Python Terrarium - Morelia Viridis

Subdued light should be provided in the GTP terrarium, which can be turned on for up to 15 hours a day during the day from May to September. The temperature in the green python terrarium should be kept between 27-30 degrees C during the day and 22-23 degrees C at night. Heating cables or heat emitters can be used as a heat source.

An important element in the python terrarium is air humidity, which should reach up to 85%. Outside the pool with water, it is worth sprinkling the terrarium daily by hand or with the help of a mist.