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Terrarium for Bearded Dragon

Terrarium for Bearded Dragon

The bearded agama is an exceptionally friendly lizard with a wonderful disposition. It is recommended for both beginners and advanced growers. In this category you will find terrariums for bearded dragons, which will also work well for other species of land lizards. If you are looking for terrarium for pogona henrylawsoni check terrariums for Pogona henrylawsoni

Which terrarium for the Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons are active lizards, the minimum dimensions of a terrarium for one individual are 120x60x60 cm. The bearded dragon terrarium needs to be divided into a warm and cold zone, the appropriate dimensions will ensure the appropriate temperature spectrum inside. Definitely better as terrariums for bearded dragons are terrariums in a horizontal arrangement, i.e. longer than taller.

Material for the terrarium should be resistant to moisture and allow for keeping clean as well as easy and effective disinfection. The Grain Snake terrarium needs to be kept clean to avoid respiratory infections, parasites and more. A waterproof PVC terrarium will be ideal, which, in addition to insulating well and keeping the temperature for a long time, does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and is pore-free, which does not create a friendly environment for fungi and mites.

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How much does a terrarium cost for a bearded dragon?

The price of a terrarium for a bearded dragon depends on the material it is made of and its dimensions. Terrariums made of wood or furniture board are heavy, absorb moisture and promote the development of mold, bacteria and mites. A glass terrarium, on the other hand, cools down quickly, is at risk of breaking, and improperly prepared causes discomfort to the animal, because the lizard feels uncovered from all sides. Bearded dragon needs a spacious terrarium, minimum dimensions should start from 120x60x60 cm. However, it is worth following the rule that the larger the terrarium for the bearded agama has dimensions, the better.

Terrarium decoration for a bearded dragon

It is an active diurnal lizard found in many arid and semi-arid regions of eastern and central Australia. In nature, it sticks to warm areas - semi-deserts, subtropical forests, savannahs and thickets. The terrarium should be adapted to best reproduce the conditions in the natural environment of our agama. In the terrarium, it must be divided into a hot and cold zone, so that the lizard can heat up and cool down at any time. In the heat zone, care must be taken that the temperature in this place does not exceed 40oC. When the agamie is too hot, it sits with its mouth open. in the cold zone, the temperature should not be lower than 20oC.

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