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Sawdust and Shavings

Sawdust and Shavings

In this category you will find various types of sawdust and shavings, i.e. a popular dry substrate for snakes, lizards and other reptiles. We offer dust-free lignocell from proven brands, i.e.chipsi snake, Safe Bedding and dust-free aspen bedding by Tapvei.

Sawdust and shavings in Terraristics

Lignocel is a natural, dust-free substrate used in laboratories. Perfect for breeding snakes such as corn snake, regius python, etc. The substrate Effectively binds odors, is soft to the touch, completely digestible and hygienic, dust-free, has a neutral smell. Lignocel absorbs well, binds feces, enables hiding, digging, after unpacking it gives a pleasant smell of wood.

Perfect for a dry type terrarium. Dust-free shavings for the terrarium are an ideal substrate for some reptiles, especially for species such as the reticulated python or Ball python, which do not require very high humidity, and the specificity of their breeding requires an economical and easy to replace substrate.

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Sawdust for the Hamster Aquarium

Lignocel or aspen substrate are great substrates for rodents, they are suitable for lining the cage's litter box or a deep digging part that can be arranged, for example, in an aquarium (thanks to the use of glass, the hamster will not spill sawdust outside the cage and the glass will allow us to observe the digging of tunnels). Aquarium shavings for hamsters, mice and other small rodents work very well due to their light weight, lack of dust and allow us to observe the natural behavior of the pet.