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Misting Systems

Misting Systems

In this category you will find ready-made solutions for self-assembly of fogging and spraying systems for the terrarium. The kits contain everything you need to start automatically taking care of the humidity in the Terrarium, Vivarium or Paludarium

Terrarium Misting Kits

The Automatic Mistking Sprinkler Systems for the Terrarium allows maintenance-free maintenance of high humidity in the Terrarium. Thanks to this, you will no longer need to use hand sprinklers, and humidity fluctuations will be minimized. Properly selected sets will allow for automatic sprinkling of the terrarium.

Kits are ready-made solutions that have both a pump, a controller as well as nozzles, fittings and hoses. The only thing you will need is a plastic or glass water tank from which the system will be able to draw water.

You can expand these systems as your Breeding grows. All you have to do is buy, for example, another nozzle commonly known as an automatic sprinkler for the terrarium and connect it with a cable (pipe) to the existing system. All necessary accessories for expansion can be found in the category "Couplings and Sprinkler Pipes"

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How to Choose a Terrarium Misting Kit

Depending on the size of the terrarium or the number of tanks. We have a choice of larger or smaller sets, which we can expand accordingly. Mistking, an American company specializing in misting systems, produces ready-made kits for both single tanks and tank systems.

It is worth paying attention to the number of nozzles in the set and the possibility of expanding such systems.