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Misting Connectors and Pipes

Misting Connectors and Pipes

In this category, we have placed all the elements needed to expand the fogging and sprinkling systems of a terrarium, vivarium or paludarium.

Components for Terrarium Fogging and Sprinkling Systems

Most often, to enlarge the terrarium sprinkler system, you will have to equip yourself with additional nozzles for spraying / fogging the terrarium. These nozzles come in single or combination versions, so you can tailor the spray area to your needs.

In addition, we offer connectors, elbows, sockets and nipples for connecting system components. You will also find suitable adapters for water tanks, and a pressure hose or a pipe for sprinkling system for the terrarium. Remember to always count the length of the cable with a slight margin. Clips holding the hose / cord will also be useful.

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Not Just Connectors and Pipes for Sprinkling Terrariums.

We should not forget about the controller itself, which, if used properly, will give us freedom and full automation of the operation of the sprinkler system. Here you will find proven drivers from trusted manufacturers.

If, on the other hand, you do not feel like playing with the selection of misting system elements on your own, we recommend using Terrarium Sprinkling Kits, which contain everything you will need in your tank.

If you also need more complicated controllers, you will find them in the category: THERMOSTATS AND CONTROLLERS where you will find, for example, a Wi-fi controller with a humidity sensor EVO Connected PRO