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Gecko Terrarium Accessories

Gecko Terrarium Accessories

Geckos are recently one of the most popular reptiles among terrarists. In this category we have placed accessories for breeding geckos. Here you will find terrarium accessories for leopard geckos, crested geckos, weeping geckos and many more.

What terrarium accessories for the Gecko?

In this category you will find, among others, lampshades for heating lamps for geckos, hidieouts for geckos, thermostats and heating mats for geckos, appropriate lighting, door stoppers and many others.

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Gecko terrarium accessories

When choosing the right accessories for your gecko, we should be guided primarily by the best possible representation of its natural habitat, which will ensure the animal's well-being and reduce its stress. An important element is certainly hiding places, climbing surfaces if the gecko belongs to an arboreal species, a water pool, appropriate heating devices and lighting. Remember that you should always prepare the right terrarium for your lizard first, then buy the animal itself, and never the other way around.

Which terrarium for a gecko?

If your reptile belongs to the group of arboreal geckos, you can safely use the Crested Gecko Terrarium. If, on the other hand, your gecko is a desert gecko or a gecko that lives in dry terrain, then take a look at the Leopard Gecko Terrarium, which will be suitable for you