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Crested Gecko Terrarium

Crested Gecko Terrarium

In this category, you will find Terrariums for the Crested Gecko, a species of gecko that is nocturnal and lives in trees and thickets.

Crested geckos are easy to breed and reproduce, which means that they appear in newer and newer color varieties on the market. That is why we decided to offer terrariums dedicated to Crested Geckos, which will improve their living conditions and increase their health and well-being in your breeding.

In addition, you can also keep less common species of lizards and small arboreal snakes in them.
Which terrarium for the Crested Gecko (Correlophus ciliatus)?

Once we know that our pet will be a Crested Gecko, which terrarium should we choose?

Due to the fact that These reptiles lead an arboreal lifestyle, the terrarium for the Crested Gecko should be higher than it is wide, i.e. in a vertical arrangement. It is also good to put branches, live plants or poles in it, on which your gecko will be able to move and hide in them.

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Terrariums for Crested Geckos in this category are intended for small arboreal reptiles such as:

  •      Crested Gecko (Correlophus ciliatus)
  •      Crying Gecko
  •      Small arboreal snakes.
  •      Species of other smaller arboreal reptiles

In the Crested Gecko Terrarium, you can fit everything your Gecko needs

Terrarium Geckos should be equipped with hiding places, plants, climbing branches and other elements of the landscape naturally occurring in their habitat.

To get a natural look of the terrarium, the gecko should have elements such as natural or artificial plants, a Substrate preferably made of coconut fiber or similar, a night heating lamp or a heating mat.

It is good to equip the terrarium with a UV lamp designed for these animal species.

All this will give the gecko a sense that it is safe. This will have a positive effect on his health.

Choose the right size of your terrarium / aquarium for the Crested Gecko

First of all, the Gecko Terrarium should be adapted to its lifestyle and size. Keep in mind that arboreal species will require vertical terrariums

Crested gecko terrarium dimensions should have as large as possible. The most popular size for them is a 40x40x60 cm terrarium

Some gecko terrariums come in several sizes. Remember to properly select the terrarium size for the species you want to breed.