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Coconut Fiber

Coconut Fiber

In this category, you will find trusted coconut fiber products from reliable manufacturers, suitable for both plant and animal cultivation.

Coconut fiber is a natural material obtained from coconut palms.

It is resistant to mold and insects, making it ideal for applications in gardening and animal husbandry due to its excellent water absorption capabilities.

High-Quality Coconut Fiber Substrate for Plants and Terrariums

Coconut fiber is a medium-grade substrate used for both plants and reptiles such as snakes, turtles, and lizards. It serves as an ideal bedding material for creating a conducive environment for their growth.

Additionally, you can explore Coconut Chips, which are thicker coconut fibers, and Coco Peat, which has a finer structure and retains moisture for longer.

Fiber - Caring for Your Plants

Do you want your plants to thrive and flourish?

Coconut fiber is the perfect solution! With its water retention properties, it ensures optimal soil moisture, which is crucial for plant growth. Our coconut fiber is entirely natural and safe, allowing you to take care of the environment while enjoying beautiful, healthy plants.

Furthermore, its resistance to mold and pests offers protection to your plants. Unlock the full potential of your plants with our Coconut Fiber!

By using coconut fiber, you not only provide a nurturing environment for your plants but also contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to cultivation.

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Reference: PRBLOCK2500M

Brand: Reptiblock

REPTIBLOCK Bedding Coconut Fiber 2,5KG 40L MEDIUM

Reptiblock Chips L - Pressed Coconut Fiber - Dust-proof coconut substrate for PREMIUM class terrariums   For reptiles and amphibians in the form of coconut chips. Perfect for Snake, Agama, Chameleon, Turtle, Hamster, Mouse, Gecko and other lizards and rodents, and as a substrate supplement for plantsPackage: 2,5kg - 40 L. Medium size chips

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Coconut Substrates - Your Eco-friendly Choice

Do you dream of a product that not only meets your needs but also cares for the environment? Our Coconut Fiber is the perfect solution for you! It is a material that is nature-friendly, as its extraction does not require complicated chemical processes.

Furthermore, our coconut fiber is biodegradable, which means it leaves no lasting waste, protecting the environment.

By using our Coconut Fiber, you actively contribute to nature conservation and biodiversity. Opt for an ecological choice and enjoy a unique product that combines quality with care for our planet!

Coconut Fiber Bedding for Snakes

Coconut fiber bedding can be used as a substrate for Pythons and Corn Snakes. It is particularly suitable for tropical terrariums as it helps maintain moisture in the enclosure.

Usage of Coconut Fibers

Apart from serving as a substrate for plants and reptiles, coconut fibers are often used in various other applications. They are utilized as packaging materials, in the production of coconut heating mats, and for garden landscaping and decoration.

Specialized gardening mulch can be made from coconut fibers, and they are also used to create coconut briquettes, decorations, insect containers, eco-friendly plant pots, and more.

Coconut Substrates as Soil for Plant Cultivation

Coconut substrates are used as soil or as an additive to soil to support plant growth. With the higher moisture retention in the substrate, plants can grow faster, and there is no need to water them as frequently.

Adding coconut fiber to the soil increases its water-holding capacity while gently loosening the substrate. As a result, the substrate can drain excess water faster while still maintaining the necessary moisture.

Using coconut substrates not only benefits the plants but also provides an eco-friendly approach to gardening and plant cultivation.