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Breeding Containers for Snakes

Breeding Containers for Snakes

In this category we collect plastic Breeding Containers for snakes in various variants, colors and sizes. Here you will find Braplast breeding boxes for breeding and transporting reptiles, spiders, amphibians, insects and many other animals, as well as Plastic IMCAGES containers for rack systems, i.e. so-called. breeding drawers.

Container for the Snake

BraPlast boxes are suitable for breeding insects, arthropods, small snakes and transporting reptiles and amphibians. The containers fit perfectly into the IMCages reptile display - Reptile Display.

IMCAGES breeding drawers for snakes and rodents are great for larger farms using Rack System breeding racks, they are lightweight, easy to clean and have a special handle for pulling out of the racks. This facilitates the work with hoses and speeds up the cleaning of Rack Systems. Available in various colors, sizes and combinations, e.g. with a place for a bowl or dividers, the so-called dividers.

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BraPlast Breeding Containers

The most popular use of plastic boxes is transporting reptiles from markets or breeding geckos, small snakes or spiders. A box for a spider, gecko, snail, centipede or other insects is available in various sizes. Thanks to this, we can match them perfectly to the species. Breeding Boxes are also ideal as a temporary replacement breeding container for very young snakes that grow relatively quickly but their target terrarium is much too large for them to start with.

Breeding Boxes are also often used at trade fairs as display containers. Braplast Cultivation Containers are compatible with the Reptile Display of our IMCAGES brand

Rack System for Snakes

It is a system for breeding snakes or other reptiles in breeding racks, which is economical, convenient and saves both space, time and costs. It works perfectly in larger farms. The drawers of such a rack should enable easy cleaning and disinfection to prevent the spread of diseases, as well as facilitate work on your breeding. Plastic containers from IMCAGES are waterproof, easy to disinfect, are made of thick plastic and therefore do not deform, are available in many colors, sizes and variants so that everyone can choose the right box for their needs.