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Terrarium for Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko Terrarium -

Terrarium for Leopard Gecko

In this category you will find Terrariums for the Leopard Gecko, which is currently the most popular species of gecko for home breeding. PVC terrariums dedicated to Leopard Geckos are waterproof, easy to clean, do not mold and perfectly insulate, making it easier to maintain the right temperature inside.

Which terrarium for a leopard gecko?

Once we know that our pet will be Leopard Gecko, which terrarium should we choose? The Leopard Gecko terrarium should be arranged as a dry terrarium (i.e. a so-called desert terrarium) that will be suitable for species that inhabit rock crevices and corridors below the surface. It is recommended to use longer than tall terrariums.

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What are the dimensions of the terrarium for the Leopard Gecko?

The dimensions of the terrarium for the leopard gecko are not strictly imposed. A 60x40x40 terrarium is enough for one pair, at least 0.03 m2 should be added with each additional individual. It is advisable to breed one male with at least three females, preferably 5-6 females. There can be up to 12 females per one male, so the terrarium for a leopard gecko can be really large.

How to arrange a terrarium for a leopard gecko?

This nocturnal reptile inhabits the steppes and mountain slopes of the Middle East, where it is found up to 2100 m above sea level. It is found in Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India. In the areas where this lizard is found, the summer daytime temperature rarely exceeds 35°C, and winter is relatively warm - the average temperature is about 15°C. Leopard geckos terrarium should have adapted for species inhabiting desert areas, rock crevices and corridors under the surface. An important element is therefore the equipment of the terrarium for the leopard gecko.

What should a leopard gecko terrarium with accessories include?

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